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BGB is excited to offer you tailored solutions to optimize the performance of your business and your quality of life. However, to determine your personalized program, we first need to understand your needs. We gain that understanding through an in-depth analysis of your business and financials. After that we will develop and implement your customized program, which will include any needed clean up, a plan for ongoing maintenance, and a strategy to minimize your tax burden and maximize growth.

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Your Pecuniary Probe

$300 Flat Fee Earns You a Report That Includes the Following:

  • Full picture of your current financial situation

  • Estimate for any needed cleanup and/or catchup

  • Best practice recommendations to avoid any identified issues in the future

  • Pricing for ongoing monthly bookkeeping

    • We offer several options, depending on how involved you want to be

  • Pricing for business and personal tax filings

  • Recommendations for financial and operational support packages

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